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Issues and bugfixes for the Basternae/ModernMUD code.

More Stability Improvements

I fixed a few more glitches, and the MUD seems to be a lot more stable. Bang on it, see if you can break it! First one to crash the MUD gets a cookie.

Minor Data Fixes

I finally got around to taking care of two things that have been bugging me for a bit. 1. Every boot the MUD would reset the time/day/year to the first day of the first month of the first year (time zero).  Now time continues across reboots.  No more Groundhog Day. 2. The current, maximum, and […]

Help Entries Improved

When the help file entries were translated from a text file to our fancy help entry format, the line spacing in each entry was converted from single to double.  It was just a quirk of XML serialization, but it made for long, spammy entries when helps were displayed.  I had gone through and cleaned up […]

Some Text Fixes

I made a couple minor text fixes, the most noticeable of which was a map rendering glitch that would cause mobs to show up as P’s and the map to be strangely distorted in the client. I also released a minor update to the client (now version 0.18), with a map fix and a couple […]

Working on Psionicist Abilities

I spent a good part of the past week traveling from the midwest to the west coast and back (5 flights total). During airport layovers I took a look at some of Tiu’s psi reports. Since I hadn’t touched psionicist spells/abilities yet it was no surprise that most of them were pretty borked. I made […]

Another Crash Fix

Fixed a problem with object updates that would sometimes cause crashes when an object disintegrates.

Crash Fixes

* Fixed crash with monk class mobs and barehanded damage skill checks. * Fixed crash with mob tracking. Track mobs probably don’t work yet, but at least we won’t have crashes because of it. * Fix for spell learning when players advance levels. This may or may not have caused crashes (was a little unclear […]

Some Fixes

Made a couple fixes for things mentioned by Tiu: * Enslaver races added to creation screens. * Printing move point values twice when they’re low has been fixed. * Will and sing command processing has been fixed. There’s still a shortage of connected zones with teacher mobs and a bunch of other things still unfixed…

More Fixes

* Fixed a crash bug with automatically combining piles of coins when a corpse containing them decays or when someone drops them. * Item auto-pricing has been enabled. * Fixed a bug that would cause forage to always fail. * Changed messages for a few commands. * Coins were not saving in player files. This […]

Tossing A Few Bugs In The Fire

I spent a while doing various fixes.  Here’s what it added up to: * The dice command has been fixed. * The visible command has been implemented. * Drag corpse has been fixed. * Fixed an issue where mobs would sometimes fail to ride mounts they’re supposed to be on according to the zone file. […]

A Pile of Bug Fixes — And Help Needed

I came up with a pretty good pile of fixes over the past day or two. Here’s the list: * Fixed a crash bug in checking fall chance for mobs. * Fixed a crash bug with creatures that leave no corpse (undead, elementals). * Fixed a crash bug with decaying/disintegrating containers. * Fixed an intermittent […]

Version 0.15 Client Update

I’ve spent some time on the client. Here are the changes for version 0.15: * Fixed a bug with alias saving and loading. * Added hotkey saving and loading to alias save/load. * Improved room/map window, adding zone name, exits, and better word wrap for room description. It doesn’t show color yet, though. * Added […]

Changes to Affect Modifiers

Handling a skill or spell with multiple modifiers in code has always been a bit of a nuisance.  I changed that around a bit so that they work they way I want them to. So, here’s what adding three effects looked like in code beforehand: Affect af = new Affect( Affect.AffectType.spell, spell.Name, 12 + level […]

Affect Removal Is Fixed

Looks like I sorted out that nasty little affect removal bug, so onto the next… With this and the previous fix, now would be a great time to sign on and start testing the heck out of things.  After all, you don’t want me to run out of work to do, do you?  😛