Xangis: The Sounds of Zeta Centauri IV.


Bloodless Mushroom

Dr. Kilpatient

New World Orderlies

Xangis' Audio Resume

1993-1996 Demo tapes as The Sub-Neo Navy Blue Multifred Sweater [Guitar, Bass]

2000-2003, 2005 Performing member of Dr. Kilpatient, Toledo, OH [Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Hand Drums, Studio Work]. Includes the New World Orderlies.

1999-2012 Bloodless Mushroom (Solo Project) [Studio Work, Multi-Instrumental, Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer]

2006 Studio Contributor to Dr. Kilpatient [Studio Work, Multi-Instrumental]

2006 The White Russians, Columbus, OH [Bass]

2008 The Untermensch Denial, Columbus, OH [Bass]

2013-2014 The Freedom Drones, Portland, OR [Bass]

2015-Present Bloodless Mushroom, Beaverton, OR [Synthesizer and Production]

Old-Timey Audio Software

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DX Manager 1.1.1



SY Manager 2.2.2

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