Month: November 2007

Random Numbers

I finally got around to replacing the old outmoded random number generator that the MUD has been using for ages. It’s the Mitchell-Moore algorithm and is present in just about every free codebase. I ended up building a class that lets you select one of three random number generators to run the MUD engine on.

More Progress

The compile error count is now down to 2,654. I’ve also added a codebase section to FindMUD since it seems that codebase downloads are getting harder and harder to track down these days.  There are only a handful posted, but I expect that the list will grow as the site evolves.

Under 3,000

The compile error count is now down to 2,779. Some of the remaining code rewrites remaining are pretty significant: Telnet/Network Code. Data File Saving/Loading (I’m seriously considering rewriting data storage as database-based rather than XML-based). Low-level string processing routines. If you think about it, those three things are all you need to build a MUD

A New Website

I’ve spent the past day putting together a site called FindMUD. It’s pretty similar in concept to The MUD Connector, but done in my own way. I’m not sure the world needs another MUD listing site, but it was fun to create. Each listing can be rated by users, so as the site develops you’ll

A Pretty Good Chunk

Compile errors are now down to 3,293. It feels a little strange to re-implement some of the core C-language character functions in C#.  Things like isdigit(), isspace(), and isalpha() are easy enough to rewrite, but there’s just something a little surreal about it.

Under 4,000

The compiler error count is now down to 3,896.

Only A Stupid Programmer Would Try To Be Clever

Huh? It takes an insecure jerk to write a clever line of code like this: x?x=y=z=0:x=y=z+2; What does it say? If X is true, set X, Y, and Z to 0, but if X is false, set X and Y to Z+2. It’s a shortcut written by someone who thought they were being clever. To