Year: 2007

Rebuilding An Engine

Most of the work done over the past few days has been boring, grueling engine rewrite stuff.  There’s not much exciting that can be said about reorganizing variables, changing the way that lists are processed, and cleaning up object reference handling.  It’s a lot of code rewriting that will have little or no visible effect

Got The Dotcom

It seems that the domain recently became available.  I bought it, so both and point here.  Yippee!

Magma MUD Codebase 3.03 Released

Over the past month I’ve been playing around with the Magma 3.02 code a bit more. I found a few crash-bugs and fixed them, mostly caused by references to rooms and objects from Basternae 2 that no longer exist. The big change is that 58 of the 63 original Envy 2.2 zones will load in

Mud Sound Protocol

Today I added the framework to support the Mud Sound Protocol (MSP). I don’t have any sounds and haven’t added support to the client yet, but when it comes time to add sound it’ll be very easy. I figure I’ll do the sound design myself and/or enlist help from some of my friends over at

IT App Monitor Robot

This post on The Daily WTF reminds me of the startup script we had for Basternae 2 in the early days: Since the codebase would tend to hang or crash, we would have to watch for the process and restart it if it was missing. If the CPU usage was above a certain amount

Fixes and More Fixes

I have the client and server running well enough that I’m able to create a character and log in to test all of the available commands. In the first pass, just logging in and typing the command name to see what happens, I’ve found a fixed quite a few glitches. I haven’t fixed all that

Client Progress

Most of the development for the past few days has been on the client application. Here’s a screenshot giving an idea of what it looks like so far. It’s quite a bit different from what it looked like a few months ago: Click on the image for a larger version. It obviously needs more work,

Two More Areas Converted

I had to spend a while improving the Basternae 2 to 3 zone converter, but it’s a LOT better now.  The Thri-Kreen hometown and Kobold hometown are now converted and loading.  There’s still more framework stuff to do, but I should be ready to start acquiring and attaching zones before too much longer.

Bought a House

I just bought a new house, so chances are I won’t be able to devote as much time to Basternae over the next two months.

First Area Converted

Don’t get too excited, it’s not even a real area — it’s what was formerly known as “limbo.are” — the area that contains all of the objects and mobs used by spells, such as the items created with the “minor creation” spell and elementals created with the “summon elemental” spell. Even so, this means that

A Help Desk?

I’ve written what is essentially an online help desk system for the MUD to keep track of bugs, ideas, and typos. I’m sure it’ll need to be adjusted with use, but at least now the immortals should be better able to keep track of where the problems are and what needs to be done with

Fraglist, Crime, and Corpse Files Converted

The fraglist, crime, and corpse data files have been converted.  The crime file conversion required no effort whatsoever since justice doesn’t do anything with it. Right now I’m working on a scheme to replace the old typo, idea, and bug file concepts, which were pretty useless.  The idea was that anytime a player typed “bug

Help File Converted

The help entries have been converted to XML.  Instead of being embedded in the area files and potentially spread across any number of area files, they are all in a file that contains only help entries.  In practice, Basternae 2 only had two area files that contained help entries, but it’s pretty silly not to

Socials Converted

The socials file, a text file containing 127 KB of text for the social actions in the MUD, has been converted to the new XML format. The help entry file is next.

Fixing Communication Routines

So I ran into a few glitches and buffer problems in the communication routines. I rewrote a few functions, simplifying them in the process, and things are a lot smoother now. At the very least they should be more stable than communications on Basternae 2. The character creation process has a handful of glitches to

It Runs On Linux!

The original intent from the beginning was to make the C# version of Basternae run on both Windows and Linux, giving me more flexibility in choosing hosting. I figured it’d be a week or two of coding workarounds when it finally came time to do the porting. I loaded the code on an Ubuntu 7.10

Classes Converted

Class files have been converted to XML.  It was a lot less work than the race files.

The Joy of the Flags Enumeration

In the old days of MUDs it became a rather common occurrence to use each bit of a 32-bit integer as a binary flag to set or unset a value. This was far more efficient than using an array of 32 boolean values because the integer consumed 4 bytes, while an array of 32 booleans