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Updating a wxWidgets project for Visual Studio 2019

I recently resurrected a dormant code project and went through the process of converting a wxWidgets 3.0 project to wxWidgets 3.1 and updaing from Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2019. Include Directories Here are the things I had to change to make things build and run: Change “Platform Toolset” to Visual Studio 2019 in

You Can Now MUD on webOS (TouchPad)

Much of my not-at-work development time has been spent on webOS lately.  The TouchPad and webOS version 3.x are great fun to work with and the only mobile devices that have APIs that don’t suck to develop for (I’ve worked with Android, iOS, and Win7 and none of them are fun from a C++ developer’s

Visual Studio 2010

Three months ago I switched from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010 as my main development environment.  Functionally it’s the same as it’s always been, but there are two things about it I consider great improvements. First, the UI:  It looks so a lot better and cleaner than earlier versions.  It’s not that older

Visual C++ For C# Programmers

At my dayjob, I’m a C# developer. 2.5 years ago I was a C++ developer during the day. When I wrote C++, it was all for multiplatform applications that never touched any of the .NET libraries. When I switched to C#, it was all .NET. Never once did I try or even look into using

Should I learn C first? Or C++?

Every once in a while, a non-programmer interested in game programming will ask me where they should start learning. They’ll usually know that most modern programming languages are derived from or related to C and that most games are developed in C++, so the first question I hear will usually be: Should I learn C

VS2005 Regular Expression Search Rules!

One of the things I had to do to eliminate a few thousand bugs as part of this C++ to C# conversion is replace the text transmission functions. Nevermind how they work internally, the important thing for the sake of the current conversion is that they look completely different. The old functions looked something like:

Inheritance = A Good Thing

No, I didn’t just have some rich relative kick off and leave my name in the will. The closest I have to a rich relative is an uncle who can afford to buy a new pair of shoes every two years. In the original MUD code and in most C-based codebases I’ve seen, mobs have

Visual Studio 2005

I’ve been using Visual Studio .Net 2003 for a long time. I’ve finally upgraded to 2005, and some of the changes are interesting. One of the things I’ve been doing is converting a lot of the c-string functions to STL std::string. It turns out that the old string functions I’m gradually eliminating have been deprecated:

The Road To C++

I’ve gradually been changing more pieces of code from C to C++. As each piece goes from being a random function dangling somewhere to a piece of a coherent class the code begins to make a little more sense. So many bits and pieces are going to benefit from being private data members. In a lot