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Tarf: Dragonslayer

Tarf killed the dragon on Dragonwilds. I still haven’t come anywhere close — best I’ve been able to do is level 3 at 12th place.

New Monsters on Dragon Wilds

I recently expanded the monster pool on Dragon Wilds by a third. It’s still the same impossible old-style text-based combat game, but now with more things to get killed by. Enjoy:

Multiverse MMO Engine

There’s a game engine designed for building massively multiplayer online games.  It’s called Multiverse.  It was originally a proprietary engine, but it went open source at the beginning of the year when the company that created it went out of business. I played with it a bit back in 2010 before I left Ohio.  When

Holy Mother of Awesome: DAoC Emulator

I can’t believe I never heard of this before now, but apparently there’s a Dark Age of Camelot server emulation project: Unsurprisingly, the most popular server is based on classic pre-Trials-of-Atlantis DAoC. Not that Bast3 needs more things to distract me from it, but I’ve been tinkering with it a bit, and may eventually