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Beast Dungeon Nearing Completion

In the last week and a half I’ve put a lot of work into Beast Dungeon.

What’s been added? More dungeon variety, more monsters, more items, UI improvements, adding the endgame, adding a high score list, adding tracking of monsters killed, and adding localization in Spanish.

Beast Dungeon Kill Screen

The new kill tracker in Beast Dungeon.

At this point, it just needs a bit more translation and few audio tracks and it’s done. I anticipate it being completed within the next week. Wishlist it on Steam, it’s releasing soon!

Log 19: Beast Dungeon Roguelike RPG

Here’s a video about the roguelike RPG that I started while waiting for Into The Inferno to go through the Steam approval process.

The demo is available for free download at if you’d like to give it a try.