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Current Line Counts

Lately it’s just been a bit more work on the editor (which is now at version 0.25). Here’s an updated line count:

Main Codebase:
99,360 lines total
77,693 lines of code (78%)
8,417 lines of comments (8%)
1,258 mixed (code + comment) lines (1%)
11,987 blank lines (12%)

9,597 lines total
7,491 lines of code (78%)
1,654 lines of comments (17%)
9 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
443 blank lines (4%)

MUD Screen Editor:
1,147 Lines Total
887 Lines of code (77%)
184 lines of comments (16%)
0 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
76 blank lines (6%)

Help Editor:
696 Lines Total
512 Lines of code (73%)
142 lines of comments (20%)
0 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
42 blank lines (6%)

5,312 Lines Total
3,940 Lines of code (74%)
781 lines of comments (14%)
29 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
562 blank lines (10%)

Since we last checked in, the editor has added about 1100 lines of code, the engine has added about 450, and the help editor and client are new to the list. It’s not that the client is new, this is just the first time we’ve counted it.

This really is a fairly large project.

A Day Of Bugfixes

I spent today working through a handful of bugs in the new communication code in the MUD engine and fixing a few problems in the Basternae version 2-to-3 zone converter.  Some of the text formatting still needs some work, but things are a *LOT* better now than they were before, especially with the network portions running smoothly and reliably now.

Now would probably be a fine time for a line count on the project:

Main Codebase:
98,868 lines total
77,254 lines of code (78%)
8,375 lines of comments (8%)
1,261 mixed (code + comment) lines (1%)
11,978 blank lines (12%)

8,191 lines total
6,350 lines of code (77%)
1,446 lines of comments (17%)
8 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
387 blank lines (4%)

MUD Screen Editor:
1,137 Lines Total
876 Lines of code (77%)
185 lines of comments (16%)
0 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
76 blank lines (6%)

Since we last checked in, the editor has just shy of doubled its lines of code while the core codebase has shrunk a little thanks to a bit of recent code cleanup.

Project Line Counter Revisited

When I decided to switch development efforts to C# I assumed that Project Line Counter didn’t support counting non-C++ code. It turns out I was wrong, so here’s an update on the codebase line counts:

Main Codebase:
99,482 lines total
77,947 lines of code (78%)
8,252 lines of comments (8%)
1,285 mixed (code + comment) lines (1%)
11,976 blank lines (12%)

4,402 lines total
3,281 lines of code (74%)
927 lines of comments (21%)
1 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
193 blank lines (4%)

If you saw my line count post from last May, you’ll notice that there are about 16,000 fewer lines of code.  It’s not because features have been been removed from the MUD engine.  Just about all of the reduction in code is from converting the save/load code to .NET XML serialization.  Letting go of the old, buggy, hacked-together text file formats has done wonders for reducing code-spam.

Project Line Counter Update

I’ve done a lot of writing, rewriting, replacing, and rearranging lately. Here are the current totals:

115,384 lines total
93,783 lines of code
9,859 lines of comments
2,071 mixed (code + comment) lines
13,813 blank lines

I guess you could call that a small but not quite negligible increase.

Lines and Lines of Code

One of my favorite free little toys for Microsoft Visual Studio is the Project Line Counter ( A count of the current Basternae codebase shows:

110,815 lines total
89,446 lines of code
9,880 lines of comments
2,003 mixed (code + comment) lines
13,492 blank lines

Progress continues on changing to std::string, constructors and destructors, and converting manually-handled lists (direct pointer-setting) to std::list.