Category: Project Line Counter

Current Line Counts

Lately it’s just been a bit more work on the editor (which is now at version 0.25). Here’s an updated line count: Main Codebase: 99,360 lines total 77,693 lines of code (78%) 8,417 lines of comments (8%) 1,258 mixed (code + comment) lines (1%) 11,987 blank lines (12%) Editor: 9,597 lines total 7,491 lines of

A Day Of Bugfixes

I spent today working through a handful of bugs in the new communication code in the MUD engine and fixing a few problems in the Basternae version 2-to-3 zone converter.  Some of the text formatting still needs some work, but things are a *LOT* better now than they were before, especially with the network portions

Project Line Counter Revisited

When I decided to switch development efforts to C# I assumed that Project Line Counter didn’t support counting non-C++ code. It turns out I was wrong, so here’s an update on the codebase line counts: Main Codebase: 99,482 lines total 77,947 lines of code (78%) 8,252 lines of comments (8%) 1,285 mixed (code + comment)

Project Line Counter Update

I’ve done a lot of writing, rewriting, replacing, and rearranging lately. Here are the current totals: 115,384 lines total 93,783 lines of code 9,859 lines of comments 2,071 mixed (code + comment) lines 13,813 blank lines I guess you could call that a small but not quite negligible increase.

Lines and Lines of Code

One of my favorite free little toys for Microsoft Visual Studio is the Project Line Counter ( A count of the current Basternae codebase shows: 110,815 lines total 89,446 lines of code 9,880 lines of comments 2,003 mixed (code + comment) lines 13,492 blank lines Progress continues on changing to std::string, constructors and destructors, and