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Paying too much attention to something that doesn’t really matter.

Pulled Over by FxCop

I ran FxCop against the Basternae source for the first time today. It ran 778,249 checks and found 10,850 issues. While some of these really are design flaws, some minor and some serious, many of them are not applicable to this project, such as the security declarations and assembly signing. Here’s how I break down

Astyle Rocks!

I’m EXTREMELY picky about the formatting of my code. There are a few commonly-known formats for code: ANSI, Kerninghan & Ritchie, GNU, Linux, and Java. I have a a very strong preference for ANSI style, but with one minor modification: I like my switch statement case labels to be indented. That’s not a strong preference,

Code Reformatting

One thing I’ve always found annoying is the way that different applications and operating systems handle tabs. In some programs a tab will move you over 4 spaces. Other apps will have different sizes, like 5 or 6 spaces. This can cause things that line up in one app to look totally out of whack