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No Null Checks

After running the automated tests generated by Pex, it’s amazing how many functions in the old codebase received various class or structure arguments and immediately started working with the data in them without ever checking for null. It was a paradigm followed by the old public code release of Diku, Envy, Merc, etc. and was

Pex, Glorious Pex

Back when I was programming C++, I worked with a great test tool: Parasoft C++ Test.  It was great for auto-generating unit tests, which in my opinion is the best place to start.  Even if they need to be modified by a Human to get proper coverage and real-world test results, the ability to generate

Unit Testing With MbUnit

In general either code works or it doesn’t and it’s easy to tell whether it does or doesn’t work. At least until you reach a certain level of complexity. At some point a project gets large enough that you can’t tell which project/dll your error is coming from, let alone which of the 100K or