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Multiverse MMO Engine

There’s a game engine designed for building massively multiplayer online games.  It’s called Multiverse.  It was originally a proprietary engine, but it went open source at the beginning of the year when the company that created it went out of business.

I played with it a bit back in 2010 before I left Ohio.  When I moved to California in the second half of 2010 I ended up working in the same building as Multiverse, Inc.  They were winding down the company when I arrived and I ended up buying one of their old computers, a monitor, and an office chair.  I met the founder, Bill Turpin, who also happened to work with the database admin where I was working when they were both at Netscape.

A while later they open sourced the project.  I didn’t have the spare attention cycles to dig into it for the first few months, but started tinkering with it again in April.  It’s a lot of fun to play with, but needs a lot of work, especially in the ease-of-use area.

I joined the development team and have been contributing the occasional bugfix.  To find out more visit this website: