Year: 2010

A Dozen More Spells Working

These spells were made to work today: Water Elementalist * Blending * Minor Blending * Tide of the Seas * Water Bolt * Dispel Magic Air Elementalist * Coldshield Earth Elementalist * Dirt Cloud Fire Elementalist * Fireskin * Fireshield Paladin * Judgement Anti-Paladin * Apocalypse Cleric * Soulshield

C#: Compiling For 32-bit Systems on 64-bit

I recently upgraded from 32-bit Vista to 64-bit Windows 7.  I may be one of the only people who didn’t have anything bad to say about Vista.  For me it was a huge step up from Windows XP, but since I have 6GB of RAM in my system it’s a little silly to run a

New Client Graphics Coming

I’ve hired John N. Baker to design the map tiles for the Basternae client. We should have some new graphics for it early in 2011.

Ubuntu 10.10

I’ve been using Ubuntu as my main Linux distribution since 2005.  Not that I used it that much, but not until 9.04 was it good enough to use as my main laptop OS.  Before that I just ran it as a virtual machine or on spare pieces of junk lying around. It’s been getting prettier

A Bunch of Spells

Nearly three dozen spells were made functional today: Air Elementalist * Airy Starshell * Hypnotic Pattern * Telekinesis Cleric * Create Water * Detect Poison * Group Heal * Know Alignment * Silence * Turn Undead Druid * Analyze Balance * Harbor of Balance * Twilight Earth Elementalist * Earthen Starshell * Earthen Tomb *

Opera: My New Favorite Browser

For the longest time Firefox has been my favorite browser, with Internet Explorer second.  Firefox was the most user-friendly and where FF didn’t work very well or crashed, IE was always a reliable fallback.  I don’t mean IE6.  That was an exploding turd. Other than consuming more memory and CPU, over the past few years

A Few Spell Fixes

I think I remembered what I was working on — spells. Ten more spells were made functional today: Air Elementalist * Chill of the Windsaber * Hurricane Cleric * Destroy Undead Druid * Sunburst * Sunray Illusionist * Shadow Magic Psionicist * Detonate * Neural Fragmentation Shaman * Greater Mending Water Elementalist * Tidal Wave

Visual Studio 2010

Three months ago I switched from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010 as my main development environment.  Functionally it’s the same as it’s always been, but there are two things about it I consider great improvements. First, the UI:  It looks so a lot better and cleaner than earlier versions.  It’s not that older

Now Where Was I?

OK, now that I’ve travelled halfway across the planet, built a good bit of software for a startup (not done yet, but it’s settled down to a saner pace), and unpacked a ton of boxes, it might be a good time to start working on Basternae a bit more. Except…  I can’t remember where I

Silicon Valley Is The Best Place In The Universe

I’ve been in California for two weeks and already have two job offers, at least one of which offers a six-figure salary and is a company you’ve definitely heard of, and I’m likely to get a third offer within the next week.  I know which one I’m going to go with (hint: it isn’t the

FindMUD Now At 600 Listings has broken the 600 MUD listing mark.  Most of the last hundred additions have been by the admins of the MUDs being listed.  Great for accuracy, but a lot slower than adding them in bunches.

Help Entries Improved

When the help file entries were translated from a text file to our fancy help entry format, the line spacing in each entry was converted from single to double.  It was just a quirk of XML serialization, but it made for long, spammy entries when helps were displayed.  I had gone through and cleaned up

Editor Version 0.56 Update

Working on a zone always results in editor improvements, so here’s what we get this release: * Changed the error window shown for “Check Area” to a scrollable list so all errors can be seen. * When items in the list of errors found by “Check Area” are double-clicked, the object, room, or mob will open in

Grey Elf Hometown Layout Finished

I have the general layout of the Grey Elf hometown finished now. There’s a lot of work still to do — room descriptions, shops, mobs, objects, etc., but the layout is done and the repopulation points have been set. Here’s what it looks like:

Now In California

I’ve escaped Ohio. Right now I’m living in San Jose, CA and it’s a vast improvement so far. Hopefully development on Basternae 3 can resume soon, work and life arrangements permitting.

Editor Version 0.55 Update

I spent a little while working on the Grey Elf hometown today. That sort of thing always results in editor changes. Version 0.55 was released today with these two changes: * Added the “Check Area” command to the tools menu. Right now it only checks for missing descriptions on rooms, objects, and mobs. * Added

Some Text Fixes

I made a couple minor text fixes, the most noticeable of which was a map rendering glitch that would cause mobs to show up as P’s and the map to be strangely distorted in the client. I also released a minor update to the client (now version 0.18), with a map fix and a couple

Gardens of the Moon

On Tiu’s recommendation I read “Gardens of the Moon” by Steven Erikson. It also didn’t hurt that it had a recommendation by Stephen Donaldson on the cover (he’s one of my favorites). I picked it up at a bookstore called “Trade-A-Book” that I found while visiting Santa Clara, CA. It was a bit different than

A Few More Spells

These spells were made to work today: Cleric * Dispel Evil * Dispel Good * Holy Word * Unholy Word Druid * Gleam of Dawn * Gleam of Dusk * Negate Hex Illusionist * Magnetism Anti-Paladin * Stamina * Greater Stamina

A Dazzling Array of Spell Fixes

I spent much of the day working on spells, and more than 90 of them have been made to work. Anti-Paladin * Fear Sorcerer * Sleep * Minor Paralysis * Faerie Fire * Celestial Sword * Weaken * Melfs Acid Arrow * Prismatic Spray * Immolate * Shield Air Elementalist * Haste * Wall of