Category: Hosting Ultimately Just a Waste of Time has some nice “storage server” deals with some very configurable options. If you want a VPS with 1TB of disk space, their offerings are pretty attractive. For my search engine, I need hosting with a good chunk of disk space in order to hold the index. It doesn’t need to be fast storage, and

Blocking Spammy or Malicious IPs with Nginx

Over the years I’ve added a bunch of sites and networks to my IP block list. They’re sources of spam, hack scripts, and traffic that just wastes my time and resources. Not all of these sites are spam or malicious at this very moment (some had viruses or were otherwise compromised as part of a

Server Updated

Over the course of a lunch hour yesterday I updated the operating system on the Basternae box.  It was running Ubuntu 10.04.  It’s now on Ubuntu 12.04.  It took about 45 minutes to finish the whole process including testing and fixes.  Only one thing broke in the process.  The Django web framework, which runs about

Startup Script Created

For the past few days, the test version of the MUD has only been up when I was actively running it from my Linux shell account. I’ve created a startup/restart script so it should be running all the time now, barring any catastrophic crash-explosions. Telnet port 4502 to connect.

Resource Usage For Basternae 3

Here’s the resource usage for Basternae running on Mono on Ubuntu with 1 active user and 6 zones loaded: USER       PID %CPU %MEM    VSZ   RSS TTY      STAT START   TIME COMMAND root     24624  0.2  6.9  39284 25548 pts/0    SNl  21:40   0:08 mono Basternae.exe I have to imagine with a full complement of zones and a few

22 Hours Uptime

Mind you, only about 5 players have logged into the Magma 3.04 demo site, but it’s been up 22 hours so far. I remember back when Magma was first being developed. An hour of uptime was considered a good thing. Funny how things progress. I remember my first MUD in 1999, Illustrium Arcana, running on

Moved To A New Host has moved to a new host.  We are no longer on Hostmonster and are now on Linode. Why Move? Hostmonster is a great host and you get a *LOT* for the money considering that it’s less than $10 per month if you prepay. I’ve just simply outgrown it. I how have ~30 domains, ~30

Mass Refactoring

In the interest of making sure the MUD can be modified easily well into the future I’ve broken the heck out of the codebase. Yep. I’ve been refactoring, rearranging, renaming, and restructuring things so they make a lot more sense. That has inevitably broken a few things, but it will be far easier to add

Got The .NET

Not much to report today, but I picked up the domain.  Now the full trilogy points here (.com, .net, and .org).  Yippee!

Got The Dotcom

It seems that the domain recently became available.  I bought it, so both and point here.  Yippee!

A Likely Host

After spending a while shopping around it looks like I’ve found the place to put a Basternae server when the time comes for on-line testing: Slicehost ( Their virtual private server (VPS) hosting starts at $20 a month and is easy to upgrade. I don’t want to spend much since MUDs typically don’t generate any

Server Options

I know it’s a little premature at this point, but I’ve started to think a bit about server options. There are a lot of different things I could do, with various cost/reliability/control considerations. The primary decision is broken into one of four options: 1. Host it from home. This would require configuring dynamic DNS and