I’ve been a computer geek since age seven, and a musician since age 15. I dig sci-fi novels, movies, and TV, playing with technology, and anything that makes fascists cry.

Posts from 2014 and earlier are from the blog for the Basternae 3 project, a MUD written in C#.Net and based on the original Basternae 1 and 2 MUDs. It was originally hosted at basternae.org, but its posts have been preserved here. Some posts are from now-defunct websites I used to run.

All posts are my personal opinion. If you don’t agree with them, that’s your problem (and what other people think of me is none of my business). This is intentionally not a comments-enabled site.

All links to other sites are affiliate links wherever possible because I would like to retire one day.

However, this site isn’t here for any particular commercial reason, and I couldn’t care less what the SEO world thinks of it. I post things because it amuses me to do so.