RevenueHits Turned Out To Be Entirely Worthless

I’ve been running RevenueHits on one of my websites for about the last 5 months in a rotation with other ad networks. The site doesn’t get a huge amount of traffic, and it’s global, so I don’t expect massive returns. But I didn’t expect zero. Here are my stats for May 2021. And here are Ultimately Just a Waste of Time has some nice “storage server” deals with some very configurable options. If you want a VPS with 1TB of disk space, their offerings are pretty attractive. For my search engine, I need hosting with a good chunk of disk space in order to hold the index. It doesn’t need to be fast storage, and

New Web Browser: Scleroglossa

For quite a while I’ve wanted to build a web browser based on the Gecko engine by Mozilla, which is what powers Firefox. Until recently I never had the right combination of time and motivation to dig in. Well, now that I have, here’s the result – the Scleroglossa browser for Windows. It’s available for

Cleaner URLs Without Tracking Nonsense

Have you ever seen a link with a bunch of extra stuff on it? Facebook URLS with “fbclid=<big string of letters” or links with a bunch of “utm_medium=<whatever>” or those horrendously long product links you get from Amazon? They’re used for tracking behavior, and handy for people getting marketing and attribution data. If you don’t

I Don’t Care About Cookies

I’m tired of websites showing me cookie warnings that I have to click through to remove some sort of overlay that obscures some portion of the site. I have not nor will I ever care about cookies. They’re a built-in part of the browser that should just work invisibly, and they’re an important part of

Galaksion Didn’t Work For Me

I’ve removed Galaksion from the add networks being used on my site. It’s a shame that I had to, because I had a generally good feeling about them. I liked their website, their publisher dashboard, and how easy it was to sign up and set up my site to use them. Their ad fill rate

Adsterra Didn’t Work For Me

I noticed that pages on my site would hang for a WHILE, so I did some investigation. It turns out that the Adsterra JavaScript code was loading which would take more than a minute to finish (1.1 minutes according to the browser’s developer tools). It was a blocking call, so my site would not

Adsaro Didn’t Work For Me

I’m not sure that Adsaro even works. In the past few days I’ve had zero impressions. Maybe I set up their JavaScript block wrong, but the fact that pages on their site take an eternity to load makes me think it’s them, not me. Adsterra, Bidvertiser, Galaksion, and RevenueHits are still in the running. Didn’t Work For Me

I received a message that my site was disapproved today, so they’re the first ones to fail out of my newest ad network comparison experiment. Looking closer at their policies I see this (bold added by me): “Our program has been designed for sites with premium content. Sites that promote, contain, or link directly to

New Site Advertising Experiment

I’m trying another round of ad network experiments. These are the 6 companies I’m trying out: Asdaro Adsterra Bidvertiser Galaksion RevenueHits I might also add Adcash to the mix if I can get their site verification to work – I signed up but was unable to verify my site because their system was unable

Windows Software by Lambda Centauri

I’ve written a lot of apps for Windows (and other) PCs. Originally I published everything as Zeta Centauri, but it was a weird combination of audio apps and utilities that didn’t mesh well with audio apps (calculators, word processing, image viewer, browser). I’ve launched a new website for the utility apps to keep them separate

WbSrch Online Again

I found a way to get WbSrch online inexpensively, through a combination of code optimizations and an inexpensive high-disk-space internet provider. It doesn’t need fast SSD storage to serve the index data, so it works just fine on a mechanical hard drive, and it’s easier to get a lot of space inexpensively with on of

Updating a wxWidgets project for Visual Studio 2019

I recently resurrected a dormant code project and went through the process of converting a wxWidgets 3.0 project to wxWidgets 3.1 and updaing from Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2019. Include Directories Here are the things I had to change to make things build and run: Change “Platform Toolset” to Visual Studio 2019 in

New Version of the Vorbital Player Music Player

There’s a Windows music app I’ve been maintaining off and on over the last 10 years or so. Today I released an update with some significant user interface improvements. The idea behind the Vorbital Player is to have a simple and uncluttered interface that just plays music and audio files and doesn’t try to manage

New Bloodless Mushroom Album: Raphanica

There’s a new Bloodless Mushroom album out today. Raphanica is a collection of remixes from recent albums. It’s has a surreal ambient sound. Listen here on the streaming service of your choice: The album art was created by Jesse Reklaw.

New Bloodless Mushroom Album: Tessellatus

There’s a new Bloodless Mushroom album out today. Tessellatus is an avant-garde classical album. It’s a surreal soundtrack to the forest floor. Listen here on the streaming service of your choice:

Vintage Stock Certificates 1990-1997

Belding Heminway 100 Shares 1990 First Charlotte Bank and Trust Company 16 Shares 1990 First Virginia Banks 100 Shares 1992 Peak Technologies Group 100 Shares 1992 Sun Distributors 10 Shares 1992 Systems and Computer Technology 300 Shares 1992 Dollar General Corporation 9 Shares 1993 First Bank of Philadelphia 23 Shares 1993 North European Oil Royalty

Vintage Stock Certificates 1980-1989

Seal Fleet 100 Shares 1980 The Penn Central Corporation 2 Shares 1988 Westcoast Transmission Company 100 Shares 1982 Avery International 33333 Shares 1983 Ronson Corpration 100 Shares 1983 First Charlotte Bank and Trust Company 125 Shares 1984 United Merchants and Manufacturers 400 Shares 1984 Meredith Corporation 200 Shares 1985 Barnett Banks 3742 Shares 1987 Belding

Vintage Stock Certificates 1975-1979

Great Northern Nekoosa 25 Shares 1975 Pan American World Airways 100 Shares 1975 Pullman Incorporated 1 Share 1975 Refac Technology Development Corporation 1 Share 1975 Industrial Electronic Hardware 100 Shares 1976 North European Oil Royalty Trust 100 Shares 1976 San Juan Racing Association 1237 Shares 1976 UV Industries 1310 Shares 1977 Caesars World 20 Shares

Vintage Stock Certificates 1971-1974

American Brands 100 Shares 1971 Pan American Sulphur Company 400 Shares 1971 Straus-Duparquet 1000 Shares 1971 Studebaker-Worthington 5 Shares 1971 Unimed 25 Shares 1971 United Board and Carton Corporation 100 Shares 1971 Baldwin Securities 109 Shares 1972 United Merchants and Manufacturers 100 Shares 1972 Belknap 5 Shares 1973 Fashion Fabrics 5 Shares 1973 Major Realty