Rain Without End – Allison’s Eyes

I just released a song called “Allison’s Eyes”. It’s an instrumental track with drums, bass, and electric classical guitar. Click here to listen. The cover art is a painting I created to match.

Updating Django 1.8 on Python 2.7 to Django 1.11 on Python 3.6

I recently updated a few Django apps from Python 2.7 to Python 3.6 and while going from Django 1.8 to Django 1.11. This is mainly for my own reference, but others may find it useful. Move the existing virtualenv (this will break the app): mv ~/.virtualenvs/wbstats ~/.virtualenvs/wbstats2 Create a new virtualenv: mkvirtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 wbstats

Blocking Spammy or Malicious IPs with Nginx

Over the years I’ve added a bunch of sites and networks to my IP block list. They’re sources of spam, hack scripts, and traffic that just wastes my time and resources. Not all of these sites are spam or malicious at this very moment (some had viruses or were otherwise compromised as part of a

PageRank Lives: OpenPageRank by Domcop

In the early days of Google, PageRank was a very important piece of information about a website. It let you know the general authority level of a site and how well it would tend to rank against similar content on another site. The PageRank toolbar, released in 2000, became an important tool in the SEO

Top-Level Domain Popularity

In a crawl of just over 32 million pages, this is the number of domains that I discovered for each top-level domain (TLD). The “Known Domains” is the number of domains with that extension that were found in links, while the “Crawled Domains” is the number of domains where pages were retrieved from. Extension Known

Signing Up for Uber Eats in Another Country

Just want to mention my UX ordeal here – I basically had to hack my way through an app to order food. I’m soggy and rained on (torrential pour today) and don’t want to leave the Airbnb, so I decided to sign up for Uber Eats, which I’ve never used before, and have food delivered.

First Impressions of Mexico City

This was my first visit to Mexico. It’s also my first time traveling with a passport. I’ve been to Canada dozens of times – it happens when you grow up in Michigan – but I didn’t have a passport until a few weeks ago. At the airport, catching a taxi was easy. I prepaid at

WbSrch Offline Again

I put the WbSrch search engine back online in March of 2018. I spent a lot of time improving it over the 16 months, but it’s the sort of thing that always manages to demand more time and energy. It’s time to stop giving it either — though it’s grown and improved a lot, it’s

AlgoRhythmia Now Available for OSX

AlgoRhythmia was my first “complex” desktop app. By complex I mean difficult to build and with a deep interface that could be explored and tinkered with extensively. It’s a drum machine that can generate random beats. It can also “mutate” existing beats and cause them to change over time. It started as a Windows app.

DrumPads Released for OSX

DrumPads is an app with 12 virtual drum pads that lets you use the keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, or an external MIDI device to play any of 100 high-quality drum sounds. It started as a webOS app. It was later ported to Ubuntu and sold via the Ubuntu Store. Then ported to Windows and ended up

Proxima Controller Released for macOS via the App Store

I just released my virtual MIDI controller app Proxima Controller for macOS via the App Store. It’s something that I ported to OSX a while ago but never posted to the app store. It lets you use your mouse, touchscreen, or keyboard keys to play a virtual MIDI controller that can be used to control

SpaceTheremin and MIDIPlayer Available for macOS Again

Over the years I’ve struggled mightily with OSX development. It’s just hard if you want to do things your way. It’s far easier if you use Apple’s choice of tools and languages. Since most of what I’ve worked on for Apple computers has been apps ported from Windows or Linux, there really hasn’t been the

Menu Bar with Quit for a wxDialog or wxFrame-based app on OSX

I have some apps that I’ve tried porting to OSX off an on over the years, but some of them have never been quite right. They’re written with wxWidgets, which is a multiplatform application development toolkit. However, documentation and fine details for macOS specifics is generally lacking. For instance, I had an ongoing problem with

Silica Gel Packet Websites (Plus Favorite Packets)

For ages I’ve run websites that are image galleries of silica gel packets. You could say that I’m a pioneer in the field of silica gel packet collecting. It all started when a coworker gave me a silica gel packet with the word “candy” written on it. In 2009, I bought the domain do-not-eat.com [Archive.org

Vintage Live Dr. Kilpatient Recordings

I posted two Dr. Kilpatient live albums recorded in 2001 on YouTube. The first is And The Key of Love, from the largest live lineup we ever head. With a larger lineup, we evolved from our industrial circus rock sound to more of an electronic funk band. The second is Fuck Jason Champion, an album

New Toilet Duck Hunt Album – 39RPM

I’ve released a new Toilet Duck Hunt album, the first full-length TDH album available via streaming services. It’s called 39RPM and it’s a bunch of songs ripped from slowed down 78RPM recordings from the 1910s and then edited/tweaked. You can listen on Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, or any of the major streaming platforms.

New Bloodless Mushroom EP – Fissolimbus

I’ve released a new Bloodless Mushroom album called Fissolimbus. It’s a short instrumental EP that tells the story of the discovery of a strange mystical device with dangerous powers. The artwork was hand-drawn by my friend and bandmate (in Sasha and The Children) Jacqueline Hyde. You can listen on Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, or any of

Chitika Didn’t Work For Me. Luckily They Died.

Chitika was one of the remaining few advertisers in my WbSrch advertising experiment. A few days ago I received an email saying that they were shutting down, effective immediately. Since they had a fill rate that never got higher than about 10-15%, that’s hardly a problem. I was going to remove them from my site

RevenueHits Didn’t Work For me

I’ve had to cut short another one of the alternative advertiser experiments that I’ve been running on WbSrch. This time it’s RevenueHits. This one isn’t causing malware warnings, but it made my site unusable if I had ad blocking turned off. There were popup windows, auto-navigation, and tabs opening without my permission. None of this

Rain Without End – Flickering Flames

I recorded and released a song called “Flickering Flames” in January. It’s an instrumental track with bass and three guitars. Here it is as a YouTube video: The cover art is a painting I created the first time I tried abstract painting. The cover art for “Rolling Clouds” was created the same day. If you’d