Xangis: Visitor From Zeta Centauri IV.


Worlds of Xangis


StampsCoinsNotes.com - A collectibles database featuring bank notes, stamps, coins, notgeld, and stock certificates.

FreeWaveSamples.com - Royalty-free drum and synthesizer samples in .wav format.

SoundProgramming.net - Free synthesizer manuals and sound programming information.

Silica-Gel.org - A gallery of silica gel packet scans and information.

WbSrch.com - A general web search engine that does not care for social media.

Championix - My blog and personal software projects.

SFFDB.com - A database of science fiction and fantasy television and movies.

VorbitalPlayer.com - An Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and WAV music player for Windows.

ThreeTeeth.com - A free web browser based on the Trident HTML rendering engine.

Processor-Specs.com - Specifications for processors and video cards.

Tea-Finder.com - An encyclopedia of tea.

AnotherBeerSite.com - An encyclopedia of beer.

About-Poems.com - Selected classic poetry.

WbMaps.com - Web-based maps of selected cities, including Portland, Denver, and Columbus.


Interesting Links


StatDragon - Video marketing automation and analytics.

Theme Dragon - Animated product explainer videos.

Authentic8 - A secure disposable web browser in the cloud.

Zetacentauri.com - My old software company.


A random shaky video of some water. Now with subtitles!