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Rain Without End by Bloodless Mushroom

Back in 2018-2020 I published a few guitar-and-bass songs as Rain Without End. Well, I want to have fewer things to manage, so I folded the REW stuff into my main Bloodless Mushroom project and re-released the the music that people liked as an the “Rain Without End” EP by Bloodless Mushroom today.

Listen on your favorite platform here:

Rain Without End – Flickering Flames

I recorded and released a song called “Flickering Flames” in January. It’s an instrumental track with bass and three guitars. Here it is as a YouTube video:

The cover art is a painting I created the first time I tried abstract painting. The cover art for “Rolling Clouds” was created the same day.

If you’d rather listen on Spotify, it’s here.

Rain Without End

I’ve been practicing bass and guitar more than I ever have this year thanks to being in Sasha and The Children, the hardest-working band in Portland.

In my non-band time I’ve been jamming with myself, recording a bass and guitar track and playing along. I’ve kept a couple of these and released them under the Portland-appropriate name Rain Without End. It’s fun, so I’ll probably create more as time permits.

It’s on all the streaming platforms if you’d like to listen. Here are a couple:

Rain Without End on Spotify

Rain Without End on YouTube