Month: July 2008

A Review of Duris

The MUD Connector has an interesting review of Duris posted: I’ve always enjoyed Duris and still play it off and on (maybe half a dozen weeks a year), but it has always had so many flaws that I end up getting fed up and walking away after a while. Part of it is administrative,

Serious Shrinkage

The connection state management code in the socket layer of Basternae has always been what I call “spaghetti code”.  It was a single method containing a huge switch statement with pretty sizable blocks of code for each case.  Tracing program flow for characters that were not actively playing was always difficult due to the complexity

Zones From Lortar

Lortar has been kind enough to grant permission to use his zones from Basternae 2: Fairlocke The Elemental Plane of Air Tower of Darkness

Unit Testing With MbUnit

In general either code works or it doesn’t and it’s easy to tell whether it does or doesn’t work. At least until you reach a certain level of complexity. At some point a project gets large enough that you can’t tell which project/dll your error is coming from, let alone which of the 100K or

Miscellaneous Fixes

I made a few changes to character creation today.  There were a few places where it was case-sensitive — you could create a “Troll” but not a “troll” and there were a few weird state changes.  For instance, when creating a character you would see the menu twice the first time it was displayed. I

Issue Code Is Working

I finished testing the issue code today.  We now have a functional ‘help desk database’ for the MUD.  It’s primitive, but it should do the trick and can be expanded/changed as necessary.  At least we’ve eliminated the bug, idea, typo, and ‘helps needed’ files that admins would rarely, if ever, look at.  Here’s an example

Basternae Zone Contract

I’ve put together a simple “zone permission contract” here: It’s probably not necessary, but while I was publishing my science fiction magazine I found it to be a good idea to get everything in “official” writing. If you have written any zones you’d like to let us use or know someone who has, this

TODO List Added

I’ve added a to-do list under the ‘Pages’ section. It’s not quite complete and the formatting isn’t all that great, but it might be a useful way to keep track of what needs to be done. At the very least it’ll give readers some idea what I’m working on. So far I’ve been using simple

Back From Vacation

OK, so maybe I didn’t announce the vacation in the first place, but I took some time off from working on Bast to enjoy the summer. I’ve been working on the client a bit, and I had almost forgotten how much I dislike C++.  It’s just so messy and inefficient to work with.  You have