Month: October 2010

Ubuntu 10.10

I’ve been using Ubuntu as my main Linux distribution since 2005.  Not that I used it that much, but not until 9.04 was it good enough to use as my main laptop OS.  Before that I just ran it as a virtual machine or on spare pieces of junk lying around. It’s been getting prettier

A Bunch of Spells

Nearly three dozen spells were made functional today: Air Elementalist * Airy Starshell * Hypnotic Pattern * Telekinesis Cleric * Create Water * Detect Poison * Group Heal * Know Alignment * Silence * Turn Undead Druid * Analyze Balance * Harbor of Balance * Twilight Earth Elementalist * Earthen Starshell * Earthen Tomb *

Opera: My New Favorite Browser

For the longest time Firefox has been my favorite browser, with Internet Explorer second.  Firefox was the most user-friendly and where FF didn’t work very well or crashed, IE was always a reliable fallback.  I don’t mean IE6.  That was an exploding turd. Other than consuming more memory and CPU, over the past few years

A Few Spell Fixes

I think I remembered what I was working on — spells. Ten more spells were made functional today: Air Elementalist * Chill of the Windsaber * Hurricane Cleric * Destroy Undead Druid * Sunburst * Sunray Illusionist * Shadow Magic Psionicist * Detonate * Neural Fragmentation Shaman * Greater Mending Water Elementalist * Tidal Wave

Visual Studio 2010

Three months ago I switched from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010 as my main development environment.  Functionally it’s the same as it’s always been, but there are two things about it I consider great improvements. First, the UI:  It looks so a lot better and cleaner than earlier versions.  It’s not that older

Now Where Was I?

OK, now that I’ve travelled halfway across the planet, built a good bit of software for a startup (not done yet, but it’s settled down to a saner pace), and unpacked a ton of boxes, it might be a good time to start working on Basternae a bit more. Except…  I can’t remember where I