Goodnight MusicSrch

I’ve had MusicSrch for about seven years now. Although it was an interesting curiosity, I never really figured out what to do with it, and it never managed to have more than a few dozen visits per month. It was super helpful when writing music reviews because I could just dig up all the streaming […]

MusicSrch Improvements

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on MusicSrch. For the past few years, I really didn’t have any time for side projects, and a few searches were very broken on the site due to changes in the various third-party websites. It needed some serious rehab. I spent a few days fixing things and […]

MusicSrch Reboot

Early in 2016 I bought the source code for a music search site from a fella in Slovenia and put it under the umbrella of the WbSrch search engine. When WbSrch shut down later in 2016, it was left in limbo. It was still running through 2017, but ignored. And sometimes the service crashed and […]

The WbSrch Experiment

Off-and-on over the last 8 years I’ve worked on an independent search engine called WbSrch. It made it as far as being as good as the late-1990s search engines, which is great, because the original goal was to build something much like Altavista. That was my first “main” search engine. At one point I tried […]

WbSrch Acquires Music Search Engine

Reprint of a press release originally published on PRWeb at WbSrch has purchased the music search engine for an undisclosed sum and has rebranded it as The search engine, originally developed by Oto Brglez from Slovenia, searches a selection of popular social media and music sites such as Spotify, Tidal, Musicbrainz, and […]