Category: Issues and Bugfixes

Issues and bugfixes for the Basternae/ModernMUD code.

A Help Desk?

I’ve written what is essentially an online help desk system for the MUD to keep track of bugs, ideas, and typos. I’m sure it’ll need to be adjusted with use, but at least now the immortals should be better able to keep track of where the problems are and what needs to be done with

Fixing Communication Routines

So I ran into a few glitches and buffer problems in the communication routines. I rewrote a few functions, simplifying them in the process, and things are a lot smoother now. At the very least they should be more stable than communications on Basternae 2. The character creation process has a handful of glitches to

Combat Bug Fixed

It was far easier to fix than I had expected. Here’s what I was doing: std::list<CharData *>::iterator it; CharData * wch; for( it = CharList.begin(); it != CharList.end(); ) { wch = *it; <stuff happens to wch here, and during combat wch could potentially be killed and deleted> } When there was a death in

Plenty To Fix

I’ve ran some testing of this new rewrite-in-progress. As expected, there were a few problems with some of the string functions. Those were easy enough to fix. But, it’s now time to break out valgrind, because there are a few things that need some re-engineering and I need to see exactly how they’re broken. One