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Goodbye FindMUD

For a few years I ran It was mainly an exercise in customizing Drupal, but there was no real need for it. The Mud Connector filled the mud listing and community need quite nicely. FindMUD is gone now. It was time that it was put out to pasture. It was fun while it lasted.

FindMUD Now At 600 Listings has broken the 600 MUD listing mark.  Most of the last hundred additions have been by the admins of the MUDs being listed.  Great for accuracy, but a lot slower than adding them in bunches.

Cimmerian Abyss

I’d like to take this opportunity to blatantly advertise Cimmerian Abyss, an Ultima Online server put together by my friend Ed Zed (who some of you may know as Potius). Check it out here: If you like it, don’t forget to click the ‘donations’ link. 🙂

We’re On FindMUD Now

Even though Bast3 will be in development for quite a long while, I added a listing to  Just trying to raise awareness and whatnot.

Goodbye, Pizdook

One of the things that I do for the FindMUD mud listings is check connections once in a while (approximately monthly) to see if a MUD server is running and then display a log of connection attempts on that MUD’s listing page. When I was on shared hosting, that was a process that was far

FindMUD Becoming Somewhat Popular

I just checked Alexa stats for  Although Alexa isn’t exactly the full measure of the web since only a small percentage of people have the plugin installed, here are the MUD sites that FindMUD outranks: It’s a respectable list, but we are far from

300 MUDs on FindMUD

Data entry is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. Even so, I’ve been making steady progress on FindMUD. It’s up to 300 MUD listings now. Our next goal is to pass MudMagic, which has just over 500 listings. It won’t be blazingly fast, but it will happen.

MUD Connection Stats on FindMUD

One thing I’ve been working on is an automatic ‘ping’ routine that checks the MUDs listed on FindMUD every few days and shows the connection results on a MUD listing so you know whether a particular MUD is still alive or not. Since I’m no PHP expert, it tends to be rough going sometimes. I

Rankings Active on FindMUD

I did a little bit of work on today. I added a page that shows the top-ranked MUDs (as rated by users) on the site. Since the site is still fairly new there haven’t been very many ratings yet, so feel free to go on over and rate the MUDs you’ve played.

200 Listings on FindMUD

Over the past few weeks I’ve steadily been adding more MUD listings to FindMUD.  It has now has over 200 MUD listings.  That’s not super-impressive, but it does have more than MudBytes and Betterbox and is quickly gaining on some of the older sites (many of which are rather neglected these days).

More Progress

The compile error count is now down to 2,654. I’ve also added a codebase section to FindMUD since it seems that codebase downloads are getting harder and harder to track down these days.  There are only a handful posted, but I expect that the list will grow as the site evolves.

A New Website

I’ve spent the past day putting together a site called FindMUD. It’s pretty similar in concept to The MUD Connector, but done in my own way. I’m not sure the world needs another MUD listing site, but it was fun to create. Each listing can be rated by users, so as the site develops you’ll