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Fedora Core 8 Just Doesn’t Work

I’ve never had any luck with Fedora Core.  The latest version, 8, wouldn’t even get past the disk partitioning screen for me.  There’s a reason why I’m an Ubuntu devotee — after all, it managed to install itself quickly and easily with no stupid questions and worked flawlessly from the start.

Last time I ran Fedora it was on a set of 4 Dell desktops.  I started with 4 and later tried 5.  There was something wrong with the SATA driver and the hard drives would forget their data after about two weeks on average.  After reinstalling two or three times on each machine I ended up switching to Ubuntu.  No problems at all after that, although I did really want a “Fedora Core killed my family” shirt.  Too bad they don’t exist.

So, it looks like the Linux port of client/server development will still be on Ubuntu.

If you can’t run reliably on Dell hardware it’s time for you to go home.

It Runs On Linux!

The original intent from the beginning was to make the C# version of Basternae run on both Windows and Linux, giving me more flexibility in choosing hosting. I figured it’d be a week or two of coding workarounds when it finally came time to do the porting.

I loaded the code on an Ubuntu 7.10 laptop and told it to build.

Of the 100,000 lines of code here’s how many errors were found:


Every one of these errors was an implicit type conversion that Visual Studio didn’t complain about but the Mono compiler did. Five type casts later and it builds on Linux.

Under an hour to port a 100,000 line application to another operating system. C# rules.