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Quora Answer: Are analog synthesizers overrated?

I originally wrote this as an answer to a question on Quora. To put it simply, yes. Analog synthesizers are absolutely overrated. I’m referring specifically to subtractive synthesizers. The differences in sound quality really ARE quite minor, so don’t feel bad if you can’t much tell them apart. That’s not to say they’re not useful. […]

Not Winamp’s Fault

So, the upgrade to Vista didn’t turn out to be 100% successful. It turns out that the Winamp crashing I experienced was caused by Vista’s epic failure in the audio realm.  Since they changed the way audio drivers run (user mode instead of kernel mode now), no driver from an earlier version of Windows will […]

Mud Sound Protocol

Today I added the framework to support the Mud Sound Protocol (MSP). I don’t have any sounds and haven’t added support to the client yet, but when it comes time to add sound it’ll be very easy. I figure I’ll do the sound design myself and/or enlist help from some of my friends over at […]