Month: January 2008

Project Line Counter Revisited

When I decided to switch development efforts to C# I assumed that Project Line Counter didn’t support counting non-C++ code. It turns out I was wrong, so here’s an update on the codebase line counts: Main Codebase: 99,482 lines total 77,947 lines of code (78%) 8,252 lines of comments (8%) 1,285 mixed (code + comment)

First Post From The New House

The computer’s plugged in, the internet access is turned on, my desk is half-assembled… almost fully moved in. Over the past week or two the zone editor has been improved and is in a state I refer to as “version 0.06”.  It still has a long way to go, but it’s coming along. Progress will

Visual SourceSafe 2005 Is The Worst Application Ever

First off, don’t think I’m using VSS2005 for Basternae because I’m not – I’m using Subversion. However, I am using it at work. If I had a choice what source control application we used I’d be using Subversion there too.Over the years there have been many deeply flawed software applications. Luckily market Darwinism has weeded

Even More Progress On The Zone Editor

The latest update, which I call “version 0.03”, now has a ‘cancel’ button on each editing screen so you can revert to the original room/object/mob/whatever if you screw something up.  Saving changes to edited objects is a fairly large revision, and so far the only things you can make permanent changes to are resets.

More Progress On The Zone Editor

I’ve built out most of the editing screens in the zone editor to the point where you can at least load a zone and browse it.  Not every field is represented and nothing can be edited yet, but it’s one large step closer to being able to create zones (I call it version 0.02).  No

Starting On A Zone Editor

I mentioned a while back that I would need to write a zone editor for Basternae 3. Although zones edited with DikuEdit 3.0x will load in the MUD engine after running them through the converter application, DE won’t be updated to work directly with the Basternae 3 area format — it’s an old DOS app