Project Line Counter Revisited

When I decided to switch development efforts to C# I assumed that Project Line Counter didn’t support counting non-C++ code. It turns out I was wrong, so here’s an update on the codebase line counts:

Main Codebase:
99,482 lines total
77,947 lines of code (78%)
8,252 lines of comments (8%)
1,285 mixed (code + comment) lines (1%)
11,976 blank lines (12%)

4,402 lines total
3,281 lines of code (74%)
927 lines of comments (21%)
1 mixed (code + comment) lines (0%)
193 blank lines (4%)

If you saw my line count post from last May, you’ll notice that there are about 16,000 fewer lines of code.  It’s not because features have been been removed from the MUD engine.  Just about all of the reduction in code is from converting the save/load code to .NET XML serialization.  Letting go of the old, buggy, hacked-together text file formats has done wonders for reducing code-spam.

1 thought on “Project Line Counter Revisited

  1. Lyran

    Thats good about the save code because I used it to determine the number of people logged in on bast 2.

    Through observation I realized the game autosaved 1 person every 30 seconds. so if you were the only one on you would get an autosave message every 30 seconds. if there were 10 evils on and the time between saves was 7.5 minutes I could determine that 5 minutes of that was for evils, leaving 2.5 or 5 potential gods/goodies…

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