Month: September 2009

Shandril’s Saga Book 1: Spellfire

I’ve been reading The Harpers series from the Forgotten Realms books.  Next on my list was Crown of Fire, but it required reading the previous book, Spellfire, in order to really know what was going on.  So much for an open-ended series of books.  By “open-ended” they obviously didn’t mean “standalone”. Spellfire was a very

Running At Full Power Again

I like Linux and know it pretty well.  I also like Windows and I know it extremely well.  I can use either as my desktop pretty effectively, but I’m better with Windows and best when I have both available. That’s why I’m very happy that I can finally run Windows again on my main desktop. 

A Solid Batch of Fixes

Thanks to reports from the pre-testing test and from actually trying to use the MUD as a player, I’ve taken care of a bunch of things.  Here’s the list: — Fixed “look in object” command. — Fixes to damage messages.  Sometimes they wouldn’t print thanks to a stray ‘\0’ (null) character. — Kill message now