Running At Full Power Again

I like Linux and know it pretty well.  I also like Windows and I know it extremely well.  I can use either as my desktop pretty effectively, but I’m better with Windows and best when I have both available.

That’s why I’m very happy that I can finally run Windows again on my main desktop.  I tried Windows 7 for a week and it almost worked, but only supported 2 of my 3 monitors at best thanks to the drivers for the two different Nvidia cards in my system not wanting to play nice together.

Well, now that Windows 7 has been installed, the Vista install was actually able to see and use one of my drive partitions.  I’ve installed it and spent half a day loading up all of the essentials I can’t live without.  Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, WinSCP, CDBurnerXP, OneNote, CoolEdit 2000, WinMege, VLC, Word, Excel, Winamp, and Audiograbber are the “killer apps” for me on Windows.  Say what you will about Vista, for me it’s the most functional and stable OS available.  Windows 7 won’t be ready to take its place for another year or so (probably at SP1).

As much fun as it is to be able to run Windows in VirtualBox, writing code is a *LOT* better when I have three monitors to do it on.

3 thoughts on “Running At Full Power Again

  1. Sarim

    Lies, I’ve been running RC1 and RTM for Windows7 x64 since each was released and have had almost no issues. The few issues I have had were running way old software (10+ years ago). Win7 is so stable we’re actually going to pilot it in our enterprise later this fall. A lot of folks are stoked at the idea of having a x64 Win7 desktop. They run like butta baby!

    1. Xangis Post author

      If by “like butter” you mean oozing all over the desk and dripping on the floor, I’ll agree to that. 😛

  2. Sarim

    Well then I guess you need a *real* IT person to help you set it up. You code monkies make messes of everything! Less flinging and more thinking plz! Ha

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