Month: December 2009

Generating Maps

Generating maps on Basternae 2 was a bit of a pain.  It was done with about 1000 lines of hacked-together C code that I wrote that read in an ASCII file, asked you the dimensions and map type (surface, underdark, etc), and then brute-forced it into a simple zone file.  It was not elegant, but

Basternae 3 Surface Map

I have a few goals with the Basternae 3 surface map: 1. Has to be fairly small. No epic 90,000-room maps that take half an hour to get to the next zone. 2. Has to have both raidable and non-raidable sections. The raidable sections should be easy to get to for both sides. The non-raidable

Small Client Update

I’ve made a couple minor updates to the client.  First, the status window wasn’t clearing the tank and enemy condition bars when there was no tank or enemy combatant.  That’s fixed. Next, I’ve added what appears to be working support for aliases.  They’re created accessed using the “#alias” command (#al for short).  They cannot yet

Yurgoth’s Estate and Defense of Longhollow Added

I’ve finished converting two zones and attached them to the MUD: Yurgoth’s Estate by Sarlac The Defense of Longhollow by Drevarr and Ilshad For now they’ve been attached where the Gypsy Encampment meets the Kobold pond.  Things will of course move when we get world maps in place.

Terry Pratchett’s Latest Books

I just finished reading Thud! and Making Money by Terry Pratchett.  They’re both excellent books, and if you haven’t read any of his work you probably ought to.  It’s sort of that British-style Douglas-Adams-y thing, but applied to fantasy instead of sci-fi. Thud! is about a racewar brewing between Trolls and Dwarves and the cops

Building The Client On Linux

It’s been 3 years since I’ve tried to build the client on Linux. I started building the client long before there ever was a Basternae 3 project, and since then plenty of files have been added and removed — for instance, we no longer use Xerces-C or SDL in the project.  I was using Ubuntu

Zone Converter Works Better Now

I solved a few issues with the zone converter and it handles some zones it couldn’t before, so I should be able to attach a few more soon.

First Release of the Basternae 3 Client (v0.11)

You should be able to tell from the version number that it’s far from done yet. I spent some time working on the status window, and it now appears to work more-or-less as intended: There are a handful of issues I know about, and probably a good solid handful that I don’t know about, so

Immortal ‘Set’ Commands Repaired

One of the casualties of the codebase rewrite was the disabling of the immortal ‘set’ command, which is pretty useful for administrative tinkering. It’s been repaired, so immortals are godlike once more. It doesn’t improve gameplay any, but it does help development.

Thank You To Drevarr, Nauraki, Sarim, Sarlac, and Thendar

They’ve been nice enough to grant Basternae 3 the use of their zones. I’ve also found out that the converter needs some work — there are a few special cases that it doesn’t handle and zone format variations that it doesn’t handle perfectly yet, so it will probably be a bit before all of the

Repairs For The Tell Command

The tell command was rather broken. I fixed the broken parts that I knew about, so if there are any broken parts left in it, they’re ones I don’t know about.

Some Solid Client Progress

Over the past two days I’ve made some good progress on the client.  It’s now working with colored text and functioning scrollback.  There was a bit of difficulty in figuring out how to post text from the network thread to the main window, but that’s been solved thanks to the helpful folks at the wxWidgets

We’re On FindMUD Now

Even though Bast3 will be in development for quite a long while, I added a listing to  Just trying to raise awareness and whatnot.