Month: July 2012

Server Updated

Over the course of a lunch hour yesterday I updated the operating system on the Basternae box.  It was running Ubuntu 10.04.  It’s now on Ubuntu 12.04.  It took about 45 minutes to finish the whole process including testing and fixes.  Only one thing broke in the process.  The Django web framework, which runs about

Tarf: Dragonslayer

Tarf killed the dragon on Dragonwilds. I still haven’t come anywhere close — best I’ve been able to do is level 3 at 12th place.

Client Version 0.24 Released

I’ve released version 0.24 of the Basternae Client.  Use the download link on the right side of the blog or on the front page to get it. This release mainly has cosmetic changes: Changed the font for most things from Segoe UI to Verdana.  It just looks better. Added “show group” and “show equipment”