Month: June 2013

MonoDevelop Not So Great

It turns out that using MonoDevelop had some dangerous side effects, especially related to terminal output. Mobs in your current room were rendered invisible on the Mono build even though they were visible on scan and you could attack them if you knew they were there.  It’s back to using Visual Studio in a Windows

Using MonoDevelop

I’ve almost always used both Windows and Linux, but I stopped using Windows a few months ago.  One of the things that only runs on a Windows machine is Visual Studio.  The Basternae code was compiled on a Windows machine and then uploaded to the Linux host. Without access to that, it was time to

What of the MUD?

That is a good question.  I haven’t touched it in a long time, around a year. Basternae is still important, but it’s been pretty severely deprioritized in favor of the startup work I’ve been doing here in the Portland area.  As soon as I get a win big enough to retire on it’ll be my

Mint Mark Guide

From my website The meanings of mint marks on coins from different countries. Germany A – Berlin D – Munich E – Muldenhutten F – Stuttgart G – Karlsruhe J – Hamburg Mexico A – Alamos AS – Alamos C – Culiacan CA – Chihuahua CE – Real de Catorce CH – Chihuahua Cn