A Batch of Fixes

Between tester reports and the logs I’ve managed to track down and fix a handful of issues, some of which were so nasty as to make things untestable.  Here’s the list:

1 – Fix for removing an object from a room when that object points to a room but the room does not have the object in its content list.
2 – MUD now automatically creates player directories on boot if they don’t exist.  There was a problem with saving players when that dir didn’t exist yet that caused at least one crash.
3 – Changed “_name” to “name” at the login prompt.
4 – Fixed a crash bug that caused the world to explode when some spellcasting classes (i.e. Psionicist) entered the game for the first time.  It was a problem with setting initial spell proficiency values.
5 – Fixed a problem with the way age and total playing time was calculated.
6 – Fixed a problem where the petition command would make the MUD explode by calling itself.
7 – Fixed a problem with “get all”.
8 – Fixed a problem with clearing a mob’s hate list when it is killed.
9 – Fixed a glitch that would occasionally come up when taking an object out of another object.

Please try again and keep the observations coming.