An Update To The Editor

I admit it.  The last release of the zone editor (0.40) was pretty much unusable.  This one (0.41) should be quite a bit better.

Things fixed/improved in this version:

— Will now rebuild item select drop down list on create new items for all types.
— Resets, shops, and quests now save current item on navigate forward/backward.
— Current edit window contents were not saved when clicking “new” for all types.  They are now.
— Rooms and objects would not autonumber.  They do now.
— Update status bar on add new items for all types.
— Fixed crash on clicking greyed out ‘edit special’ buttons.

Ignore the little brown boxes that show up on the map window.  I started working on map generation from the room list, but it’s nowhere near done yet and will look completely wrong for now.

You can get it here. Feel free to report any bugs/glitches/inconveniences. One known issue is that the “delete” buttons aren’t functional yet (if you create a room, shop, or obj you’re stuck with it for now :P)