Another Crash Fix

Fixed a problem with object updates that would sometimes cause crashes when an object disintegrates.

1 thought on “Another Crash Fix

  1. Tiu

    Theres no echo when u successfully cast any psi non nuke
    None of the psi buffs show up on score list except levitation and invisibility, in fact they dont seem to do anything at all (i got up through the first 5 circles).
    there is no cast time or lag on psi spells
    psi spells do not spend mana you just cast over and over forever
    teleport does not work
    share strength does not appear to work
    my levitation spell seemed to persist after death
    a thri psi can only wield one weapon
    game is crashing in combat often, its always crashing after i cast my first nuke all of a sudden. Oh I figured it out. If you are wielding a weapon for which you have no combat skill (ie a sword and yo have no 1h slashing), the game will prevent you from typing ‘kill rat’ by giving you no echo, some lag, and not entering combat with the rat. If however you cast a spell on the rat that engages you, when it comes time for you to swing with your weapon that you do not know how to use, the game just plain crashes.
    spells only work if you type the entire name of the spell in
    I thought dominatino was a charm spell, however it just seems to be a damage spell which you can only cast when not engaged.
    Heh, while op cell s, does not work, op s cell does…

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