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Converting C++ code to C# code.

Another Good Chunk

Down to 4,539 errors. Most of the rest of the errors to be squashed are going to be pretty involved, so I expect slower progress for a while.  Even so, we’re not too far from zero now.

Another Notch

The error count is now down to 4,905.  Slow and steady progress…

Just 100

The error count is down 100 to 5,704. I spent this week sending out the second and last issue of my fantasy/sci-fi magazine, All Possible Worlds. Although I run a dozen or so other websites, I might be able to put more time into the Basternae code without the magazine stealing my time. It is/was

A Tiny Update

The error count is now down to 5,804. Working on the Basternae code is a lot of fun, but I don’t get as much time to do it as I would like.  Even so, at least progress is being made.


The error count is now down to 5,853.

Slow Moving

Haven’t been able to spend too much time on it lately, but the code is now down to 6,470 errors. One thing I have been able to do a bit of lately is read a few more programming books. I’ll have to post a few comments on them one I finish what I’m reading now.

Errors: Halved

After a handful of changes, the number of errors is down to 7,173.  That’s less than half of what we had during the last report. Most of the fixes were ‘invalid argument’ fixes (function calls for ref ClassName, but called without the ‘ref’).

Crawling Along

Ever-so-slight progress this weekend – only 77 squished, making the total 14,810.

Spatula? No Thanks.

The errors count is now down to 14,887. The more time I spend with C# the more I develop a pure loathing for raw C. Programming with C is like trying to chop down a tree with a spatula. Sure, you could probably manage to get your way through the tree, but it’s going to

Today’s Update

Just a few minor fixes for today. The error count is now down to 15,785.

A Simple Solution

This may only be a temporary solution until I find a better way, but for now we just number skills and spells in the constructor based on a reference count (static int _numSpells), essentially like this: Spell() { SpellNumber = _numSpells; ++_numSpells; } This insures that nobody will get a duplicate and is a simple

Just A Little

Small change in numbers: We’re now at 17,270 errors. One of the problems I have to solve is to find a clean way to create global references to specific spells and skills without them actually being globals (which are ugly and disgusting and a horrible thing to put in code). For example, in C, we

A Productive Day

The error count is now down below 20,000. Quite a bit, in fact. We’re now at 17,719. This puts us at about 4500 for the day. A large portion of the vanquished errors were just array initialization fixes — converting from C-style to C#-style, which is quite different. I can’t give a definite date, but

Overriding the NOT (!) Operator

One thing commonly seen in C and C++ code is use of the NOT operator to check whether a struct or class pointer is set to NULL. For instance: class value = NULL; if( !value ) { printf( “value is null” ); } In C# code this results in an error because the compiler has

No Real Progress

Soooo… here’s my list of excuses: 1. I started a new job Monday (writing home automation software used to control lights, stereos, alarm systems, etc.) 2. I got married over the weekend. 3. I’m just plain tired right now. So, not much progress in the past few days. The bug count is sitting at 22,677

A Little Progress

We’re down to 22,906 errors now. The errors are getting a little harder to smash, but we’re crushing them into tiny little bits nonetheless.