Editor Update (Version 0.43)

I did a little more work on the editor today.  Now that I’m able to convert zones created with DurisEdit, I decided to use the Basternae Editor tinker around a bit with the Minotaur Stronghold zone that I created and converted.  What did I work on?  The map view.

I changed it so that it generates room arrangements more accurately and also shows room interconnections.  It has only been tested with and I only expect it to work with zones that have rooms that are all interconnected (reachable).  I’m sure it will need some work to behave right with non-contiguous zones.  Even so, I have it working with the Minotaur Stronghold, Kobold Village, and Thri-Kreen Hometown, and clicking on the box for a room will take you to the edit window for that room.  Kinda neat if you ask me.

Basternae Editor v0.43 Screenshot

You can get the latest version HERE (or via the link on the sidebar).