First Steps in 3D

I’ve started learning to use Daz3D. My first render used stock content and was before reading any part of the manual or tutorial. It’s beautifully horrible, and you can see that the body shape, the skin, and the clothing are all fighting about which one gets to be visible.

First Render - Clothes Problem

No, silly, the clothes go OVER the skin, not under.

The second one was before learning how to match hair to body (dang, that’s a lot of scalp, girl).

Second Render - Sane Clothes

Dang, that’s a lot of scalp, girl.

The third one was an actual scene (she’s clearly holding an invisible meatloaf). I still know close to nothing.

Third Render - Hair Fixed

If there were any meatloaf, she would totally be offering you some.

All of these will be very embarrassing if I get to the point of competence. Which is the point. A cringey point of reference for measuring progress, if you will…