Full Support for Ukraine

I don’t say much about politics here, because on the internet nobody cares and nobody’s opinion is important.


I am a US citizen. I am 100% in favor of military support for Ukraine. I don’t care how much it costs, and I’m totally OK with my taxes going up if need be. Russia is a terrorist state and must be defeated, no matter the cost. That includes nukes.

Russia is the aggressor. They were not provoked. The war in Ukraine is nothing short of imperialist ambition. The idea that “We were great and will be again” has killed tens of thousands of people, and is nonsense at its core. There will never be another Roman Empire. Give up.

Russia must be defeated, dismantled, and demilitarized. It’s the only path forward if you want world peace.

If you visit any of my websites or consume any of my content, you should know that a not-exactly-specified (because it varies depending on my monthly budget) amount of my earnings are going toward supporting Ukraine.

Russia has nothing to offer this world until and unless it decides to withdraw from Ukraine and give back all that it has stolen. Anything short of this requires the complete destruction of the Russian “empire”. I use quotes because the Russian “empire” is a has-been and its military is a sad joke.