Fun With XSL

One of the good things about having data stored in XML files is that you can use XSL stylesheets (templates) to format the data into HTML.

I created two basic templates, one for races and one for classes, and linked them to the data files used by the MUD. They don’t have any fancy formatting, but they do display the data in a Human-able format.

The result is that the class and race webpages link to the data files being used by the MUD. This means that you can view info about each race and class exactly as it’s being loaded. If we change something in the data file, such as adding a new spell or adjusting a race’s dexterity, the web page that is displayed is updated automagically.

This means that the pages for each race/class will essentially maintain themselves. Neat, eh?

2 thoughts on “Fun With XSL

  1. Tiu

    So I logged on for the hell of it today and found these issues in a few minutes. Sorry if I’m supposed to put this elsewhere.

    cant look in corpse (can ‘exam corpse’)
    after death came back and it said I was still dead (eventually i regen’d hp)
    at level 1 I cant memorize any spells (rak air elementalist)
    I somehow got 3 attacks in a round once with the level 1 rak conj
    with tog brief on, the room name is gone
    i logged on via telnet
    the help file format is all messed up and pretty much unreadable
    it is messed up for most things, lines starting in the middle of the screen and what not.
    after typing ‘display all’ to change the prompt, the prompt starts indented a few tabs and makes everything look screwy
    I think there should be an end of line after the prompt in combat that shows you and the targets condition, but there isnt

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