Galaksion Didn’t Work For Me

I’ve removed Galaksion from the add networks being used on my site.

It’s a shame that I had to, because I had a generally good feeling about them. I liked their website, their publisher dashboard, and how easy it was to sign up and set up my site to use them.

Their ad fill rate was not great, but I don’t expect that of a new site that hasn’t been sent much traffic yet. The ads that did fill at least had a non-zero CPM rate.

But there’s one thing that happened that I can’t live with.

While testing some updates to my site I clicked on a text box to edit some details. A new tab automatically opened to some ad-based destination. I did not click on an ad to get there. I might have inaccurately attributed an auto-navigation to AdsTerra a few days ago, but they would have been removed anyway due to their slow script and poor reputation and I don’t care to do the research to figure out which of the two was the real culprit in that particular malvertising navigation (that was probably AdsTerra, I’m just not 100% confident).

Anything that will clickjack or hinder my site’s functionality is not welcome, so they’ve been removed from the rotation. Now we’re down to just RevenueHits and Bidvertiser.

I really wish this process involved me removing providers because I didn’t earn as much with them rather than dealing with technical issues that break my site. How is above-ground malvertising and clickjacking even still a thing in 2020? I should have to scour the dark web to find ad networks that behave that way.