Goodbye Shared Strings

Shared string management has been completely removed from the code. Gone. Done for.

The result: greater stability at the cost of higher memory requirements and a slight reduction in processor power requirements (which aren’t even a concern). The removal automagically fixed a few bugs due to the less-than-perfect shared string management.

Next task: Getting Thendar’s zones attached and loading. Some load code modifications will probably be needed.

1 thought on “Goodbye Shared Strings

  1. Dan

    Strings no longer have to be hashed and referenced as such with handwritten code as in Smaug and Rom codebases however in C# strings use the string intern pool. where the following:
    string a=”this”;
    string b=”this”;
    would cause them both to reference the same location in the string intern pool. i had recently found this out while I was looking up ways to optimize my codebase. It may be of interest to you as well.—String_Performance_Optimization there is the link i found for it.

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