Help File Converted

The help entries have been converted to XML.  Instead of being embedded in the area files and potentially spread across any number of area files, they are all in a file that contains only help entries.  In practice, Basternae 2 only had two area files that contained help entries, but it’s pretty silly not to have them all in one place.  The idea was, I suppose, to be able to have area-specific help sections.  Nobody used it.

I’d like to work out a nice way to be able to switch intro screens.  For instance, if it’s October maybe we’ll want to show a Halloween-y screen and show the regular screen during the rest of the year.  As it is now, the screen file has to be hand-edited and the game restarted in order to change anything.  It would be nice to have a handful of screens that load automatically at boot time and be able to switch between them without restarting the game.  In fact, part of the goal with this incarnation of Basternae is to never actually need to reboot for any reason (providing the game is stable enough to never crash, and that’s one goal I’m aiming for).