Humpy Dumpty It Ain’t

A little less than a week ago I mentioned that I had broken the heck out of the codebase.

Well, it’s all back together again.  The MUD engine and the zone converter are as healthy or healthier than they were before, the weather’s nice, and all is well with the world.

2 thoughts on “Humpy Dumpty It Ain’t

  1. Gargauth

    X – So you dont have/can’t get the last batch of zones from Illic or Xuande? Damn – thats a lot of zones. I’d figure you would have downloaded it from the server 🙂 You have permission to use mine (Temple of Strife, Illithid HT, Imp HT, Githyanki HT, Temple of Earth, Moss (rewrite of Cherrzra zone)…Hrmm, that’s all I can remember. I don’t even recall what version of DE they are written in. If you dont have the files let me know, I’ll dig around for them. They are on one of probably 4 computers.

    At some point you’ll have to jot down your thoughts on how you are creating the world. I know Sniktiorg and Illic were working on some interspace planetary war thing or something. Kinda funky. I’ve always thought a Sojourn (Toril) and Duris Hybrid would work best. PvP with a complicated questing system of rareload mobs for the high end gear which sets folks apart. PvP balance is the bane of muds.

  2. Xangis Post author

    Well, I do have a backup of all of the zones as of 2003, but for any zones that are in B3 I’m going to want to actually get zone permission in writing — as in with a signature and/or paper trail with permissions/rights/responsibilities spelled out in detail. I’m definitely interested in including your zones in B3 so we should chat about that via email or somesuch.

    I’m still working on crystallizing a game design that I can present to the world (or at least those that will be helping out/building/admin). Right now it’s all back-of-the-napkin sort of stuff and to-do lists. It should be a little less PvP-focused than B2 or Duris, but still plenty of PK action for those who want it while providing a lot more in the PvE experience.

    I had always wanted B2 to evolve into a Spelljammer-type game (which is why Neogi, Illithids, and Umber Hulks were included in the first place).

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