It Runs On MacOS

I recently acquired a MacBook to expand the multi-platform development repertoire.  One thing that surprised me is that the Basternae server executable runs unmodified on OSX (Snow Leopard) with Mono installed.  This shouldn’t have been too surprising since the server currently runs on Ubuntu Linux, but it was still pretty cool to just type ‘mono Basternae.exe’ and have it run without errors.  There’s quite close to zero chance that it’ll ever be set up on a Mac server, so this was just an interesting experiment more than anything.

You’ll probably notice that there hasn’t been much development on Basternae in the past month or so.  I’m spending the vast majority of time working on software for Zeta Centauri, so until that is a definite success or failure (I think June 2010 will be when I know), B3 will be fairly low-priority.  I doubt work will stop, but time available will be at a minimum.