Magma MUD Codebase 3.03 Released

Over the past month I’ve been playing around with the Magma 3.02 code a bit more. I found a few crash-bugs and fixed them, mostly caused by references to rooms and objects from Basternae 2 that no longer exist.

The big change is that 58 of the 63 original Envy 2.2 zones will load in the engine. This means you can actually run a MUD with the codebase. Nobody wants to play a stock MUD, but at least you can have a functioning game world while all of your new areas are being built.

I’m sure there are still some bugs and/or stability issues, but this release is a big step forward.

Let me reiterate what I said when releasing 3.02: This is _NOT_ the code I’ve been working on for Basternae 3. This is the codebase from early Basternae 2.

It’s posted on FindMUD if you would like to download it. Runs on Linux (tested on Ubuntu) and Windows (tested on XP).