I just finished reading Masquerades by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb, tenth book in The Harpers series.  I skipped over the ninth book, Crown of Fire, because I ordered it from Paperbackswap and it hadn’t arrived by the time I wanted to pick up another book.

I have mixed feelings on the book.  Most of the main characters are from Novak and Grubb’s earlier book, Azure Bonds.  The problem is, I didn’t actually like any of those characters.  They’re entirely too lifeless and one-dimensional and it’s not really worth caring about what happens to them.  Despite the characters, the book has a good plot and in defiance of the lack of character development and choppy dialogue, I had to keep reading just to find out what happened next and which factions were victorious and which were destroyed.  It wasn’t as bad as a George R.R. Martin book where the plot is enthralling but the writing is about what you’d get from a 5th grader, but it was still fairly dissonant.

Overall I’d give the book 2.5 stars out of 5.  If you actually like the characters from Azure Bonds, give it a read.  Otherwise it’s probably not worth it.  As for Azure Bonds, the gold box game (Curse of the Azure Bonds) was better than the book.