Mass Refactoring

In the interest of making sure the MUD can be modified easily well into the future I’ve broken the heck out of the codebase.


I’ve been refactoring, rearranging, renaming, and restructuring things so they make a lot more sense. That has inevitably broken a few things, but it will be far easier to add new types, flags, and enumerations in the future — things like adding a new terrain type without breaking existing terrain types or having to recompile the editor and re-convert all of the zones.

Believe me, we had quite a headache with zone file format changes on Basternae 2 and I don’t want to repeat it.

This means that it’ll take a few days before the codebase will build again and I’ll have some work to do on the converter and the editor, but it’ll be worth it.

I’m still looking at putting up a test server in May and so far Slicehost is the most likely candidate. Feel free to offer suggestions. Since it’s out-of-pocket and non-income-producing, my budget isn’t any more than $20 per month (should I be accepting donations for this?)