More Fixes

* Fixed a crash bug with automatically combining piles of coins when a corpse containing them decays or when someone drops them.
* Item auto-pricing has been enabled.
* Fixed a bug that would cause forage to always fail.
* Changed messages for a few commands.
* Coins were not saving in player files. This has been fixed.
* Fixed the deposit and withdraw commands. Banks are working now.
* Made the economy command immortal-only.
* Added spellbook and light support to the compare command.
* Changed adding objects to a room so they are added at the beginning instead of the end a room. This fixes an issue that caused the second mob killed in a room to end up as 2.corpse instead of 1.corpse.
* Changed adding mobs to a room so they are added at the beginning instead of the end of the room. This means that the second troll to walk into a room will now be 1.troll instead of 2.troll. This is the behavior everyone should be used to.

One thing that’s nice about the Basternae 3 engine is that a player-issued command is incapable of crashing the MUD directly. The only crashes that can and will happen are when the database gets corrupted or otherwise out of whack. Autonomous mob activity and object/room/weather updates are the only places that contain any danger anymore, and those are getting sorted out pretty quick.

In the past week, average uptime has increased from 2d7 hours to 2d20 hours.

Hurry up, break it while you still can!

By the way, “turbo level” mode is on — which means you gain ten levels for every one level you would normally gain. Should help with testing.

3 thoughts on “More Fixes

  1. Tiu

    More stuff:

    If you login as ascii, and then disconnect and relogin as ansi, it remains ascii.
    If there are two doors in the same room witht he same name, you can only open the first one, open door does not work
    You cant l i corpse, you have to l in corpse
    Sometimes when you die, you get disconnected from mud… actually I think it crashed right as I died.
    its definately crashing the mud every time I die (char name nargle).
    The formatting is still messed up on windows xp telnet.
    when you tog brief on the exits arent abbreviated to N E S W, but remain north east south west.
    equipment: an iron ration
    when you die it doesnt save your memorization list, you cant jsut rest mem med, you have to choose all the spells you want to mem again.
    with tog brief on you cant ‘l room’ to see full description.
    I don’t know if its intentional, but you can fail chant on a spell that is NOT in your highest circle (in duris and bast you could only fail your highest circle spells)
    I can’t figure out what elemental creation spell does, I assumed it was the same as the old ‘minor creation’ spell yet I could not get it to make anything. Typing ‘help elemental creation’ shows me the incredibly spammy, incredibly wrongly formatted help files for all elementalist classes.
    Starting out in kobold village, i cant for the life of me find where to scribe new spells
    Crashed twice whiel casting ice bolt against Kildra the kobold nursemaid, once on the second attempt, once on the 4th attempt, neither was a killing blow, and I wasnt dying at either time either. Odd. Third try to kill her, no crash.
    Taking damage from poison interrups spell memorization, dont know if that is intentional.
    scan is messed up, shows the same room multiple times.
    kobold village does not show up on map, nto sure if its supposd to. In fact it looks like there are no markers on map for zones, again, not sure if thats intentional.
    You can walk over the mountains on map
    You can see invis mobs without di, you cant however look at them or target them, you can also see ‘someone leaves east’

  2. Tiu

    clarification “open door direction” doesnt work, for example “open door s” or “open door south”

  3. Xangis Post author

    Thank you for the report!

    The chant fail is intentional (for now at least) for any spell where skill isn’t maxed. There’s nowhere to scribe in Kobold village, so we need to get the real repops in. Poison damage is intended to intererrupt memorization. Everything else needs to be looked into…

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