New Personal Error Correction Record

Yesterday I mentioned that I had 75,142 second-pass compile errors in the codebase. That’s a lot no matter how you describe it.

Aside from spending a couple hours reading Heinlein’s Revolt in 2100, all I’ve really done today is hammer away at the code trying to reduce that number. This has been a little slow because Visual Studio 2005 slows down A LOT when it has to store tens of thousands of error messages in memory and check every change you make to code against those errors to see whether it can remove them from the error list.

I really like intellisense and realtime error checking, but not when it pretty much causes the IDE to grind to a halt. As the number of errors decreases, VS is gradually becoming more responsive, but it’s still too much of a mess to be a very pleasant editing experience.

So, the number of errors is now 58,264. That’s still a ton, but I’ve now set a new personal record of fixing 16,878 compile errors in a single day. My previous record was about 8500, basically due to some weird recursive STL/templating issues with a C++ app I was writing a year or two ago.

Even better, the day’s still not completely over yet, so I could probably add a few more to that total.