New Search Engine Launches From Oregon

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A new search engine has launched, and it aims to take back the web from corporate search interests. is the first general English-language web search engine created since Blekko was launched in 2010. WbSrch has indexes available in 25 languages. It was written using open source tools and offers an alternative to all-knowing, user-tracking data warehouses that invisibly privilege certain services and social network marketing above more relevant content. With major engines coming under increased scrutiny by antitrust and consumer protection organizations, it has never been more important to have more competition in the world of search engines.

WbSrch doesn’t aim to be the biggest or the fastest. It does things its own way and offers search results that are not driven by popularity or social media. It gives more weight to original, useful, human-created content and doesn’t track individuals or personalize search results based on what it thinks it knows about users.

WbSrch’s philosophy is that content creators should build things for real people, not to please algorithms. Big-search algorithm changes can affect even major businesses when it’s decided that they’re benefiting from so-called “unnatural links.” But linking is what the web is about. “Nofollow” tags negate the very nature of links. Consequences like that are inevitable, though, when there are too few options in the world of search.

Quite simply, the power of search needs to be spread out so that a system that every nation’s economy depends on isn’t concentrated in the hands of so few. WbSrch is a move in that direction.

About Championix, LLC

Championix is a web software company focusing on search and analytics. It was formed in 2014 to help free users and webmasters from the stifling influence of a really small search market. Its first products, the WbSrch search engine and the Alytik Web Analytics Plugin, were released in 2014.